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Layered Drawings


  • Full page magazine ads
  • Plain printer paper
  • Window
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Coloring Materials

Robert Rauschenberg worked with a wide variety of materials. He experimented with overlapping images, textures, and forms in his Surface Series works. You can use everyday materials to experiment with lines, patterns and shapes like Rauschenberg.



  1. Find a full page advertisement that has the model or product as the largest thing on the page.
  2. Tear or cut out the page, or print it out if you found it online, and tape it to a bright window.
  3. Tape plain white paper over the top of the advertisement.
  4. Notice how the images from both sides of the magazine ad are visible. The way they overlap creates layers similar to Rauschenberg’s Surface Series. Use a pencil to trace the elements you like onto the plain paper.
  5. Take both papers off the window when you are done. Use a black marker to trace over the pencil lines you made. This will make your drawing look like a coloring page.
  6. Use coloring materials to fill in the image in a unique way. Andy Warhol often used mismatched colors and shapes. Use your imagination and have fun!

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