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Museum Gallery


  • Cardboard box (cereal box, Amazon box, whatever you have at home)
  • Paper (printer paper, construction paper or any scrap paper)
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors
  • Something to color and draw with
  • Pictures of people (cut from magazines or printed pictures of friends)
  • 3D materials you can use to make sculptures (see instructions)

Museums create mock-ups of gallery spaces so they can see how the art will look in the space before they hang it. This helps them decide where to put the artworks.Now it’s your turn to create your own gallery mock-up!



  1. Draw small pictures or make little sculptures using paper or things in your house (even uncooked pasta, small toys, pebbles, or other nature items can work). These will be your artworks.
  2. Cut off the top or one side of the box (cutting off the top of a shoebox works well).
  3. Choose a color for the walls. They can be white or different colors. You can use paper or paint to transform the walls.
  4. If you’re using paper, cut the paper to fit the cardboard gallery walls and glue or tape the paper to the walls.
  5. Now fill your space with art! Use the sculptures and drawings you created and decide where they should go in your gallery. You may want to try them in different places to see what works best. You can arrange them by theme, size, color, or just what looks right to you.
  6. Next, hang your art on the “walls” of your gallery with tape or glue. Then, attach the sculptures to the “floor” of the gallery.

Now you can put people in your gallery. You can draw people, cut out printed pictures of your friends, or use images of people from magazines. Glue the pictures to cardboard to make them stand up. If you have action figures or small dolls, you can invite them into your gallery too. Your figures might be gallery visitors or museum staff.

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