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Saturday Apr 10 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Virtual Student Symposium: Piecing Together Identities

The Hunter Museum Student Symposium returns to 2021 virtually. Papers will center around the theme “Piecing Together Identities,” inspired by our current exhibition, Under Construction: Collage from The Mint Museum. College students will virtually present research exploring the identity narratives pieced together through bodies of work created by visual, literary, and performing artists and contemporary cultural figures.

The speakers for this year’s symposium are:

  • Ellie Fitzgerald (U Conn), Piecing Together Identities: Susan Hudson, Contemporary Quilt Art and Interrogations of Violence
  • Chelsey Paige (UTC), Assemblaged Identities: What Libby Paloma Wants You to Know
  • Sydney Young (Univ Kentucky), The MCR Cosplay Side of Tik Tok: Complicating Judith Butler’s Ideas of Gender in the Age of Tik Tok
  • Liana Salazar (LaSalle), Toyo Miyatake and Japanese American Internment Camps
  • Tacy Snyder (Covenant), More than Meets the Eye: W. E. B. DuBois and Gordon Parks
  • Olivia Harrell (Kennesaw), Race as a Social Construct: Stitching Memorial Architecture with a Subterranean Tunnel System of the Slave Trade
  • Lisa Ashley Hill (Covenant), The Invitation of Untitled (I AM SOMEBODY)
  • Cecelia Dixon (U Mass), Mike Kelley’s The Banana Man as Personification of Childhood
  • Chase Williamson (UTC), The Preconceptions of Identity

With responses from Dr. Olivia Wolfe and Dr. Stephen Mandravelis of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Art Department


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