Saturday Apr 09 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Hunter Museum of American Art

9th Annual Student Symposium: The Politics of Choice

Inspired by themes in the exhibit “Beyond the Frame: Celebrating 70 years of Collecting,” this year’s symposium features papers investigating the relationship between political discourse and creative choice. The presenting students were selected from nationwide undergraduate submissions and offer insight into the work of the next generation of thought leaders.


Speakers for this year’s symposium are

  • Madison Cothern (Univ of Tennessee Chattanooga), The Characterization of Satan in Paradise Lost and its Correlation to the Complexities of Human Nature
  • Alex Del Dago (Univ of North Florida), Taboo of the Pregnant Female Form
  • Zoe Larkin (Auburn Univ), Context doesn’t kill: Lola Flash’s cross-color photography and marginalization and isolation inflicted by museum and media
  • Elliot O’Rourke (Coe College), Félix González Torres’s Untitled (Perfect Lovers): Activism, Communist Ideals and Homosexuality
  • Gabrielle Patrone (Rhode Island College), Revealing the Exposed Black Woman: A Study of Marie Benoist’s Portrait of Madeline
  • Jacob Raynor (Stony Brook Univ), Charging Bull: Power, Capitalism, Greed, Confidence, Fear and Wealth.
  • Isabella Tallman-Jones (SCAD), Beardsley’s Comfort in the Grotesque: Exposing the Amorphous Masculine Identity, Making Space for Otherness

With responses from Dr. Stephen Mandravelis of the UTC Art Department.


Free and open to all. Join us virtually at .