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ELLSWORTH KELLY Colored Paper Image XXI (Orange Blue Black Green Brown) 1976-77 Colored and pressed paper pulp 32 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches (81.9 x 79.4 cm) Edition of 10 © Ellsworth Kelly Photo: Ellsworth Kelly Studio

Gesture And Control

Postwar Works On Paper

On View 20160901

With the advent and growth of several printmaking workshops in the mid 20th century, artists began to try their hand at the medium and began to pursue printmaking alongside their painting practices. In concurrence with A Painter’s Hand: The Works of Adolph Gottlieb, this exhibition, from the Hunter Museum’s permanent collection, features works by Abstract Expressionists and Color Field painters in the realm of printmaking.

Art from this era is currently receiving much critical attention, including a highly anticipated European exhibition of works by American painter Frank Stella inspired by wooden synagogues in Poland. Visitors to Gesture and Control have the opportunity to see, in addition to others, a piece by Frank Stella based on his Polish Village series.


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