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Make a Zine


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors or tear carefully as instructed


A small booklet that can be easily reproduced. Some Zines have a specific topic, while others are a combination of interesting and fun ideas. Zines can be about anything and often include writing and drawings.


By following the instructions below you can transform any sheet of paper into a zine. To watch a video tutorial in Spanish, click here. English speakers will also benefit from watching the video to see the various steps in folding, cutting, and finishing your zine. Download and use page 2 as a template for folding your zine or download a blank one below. 




  1. Fold your paper in half.
  2. Line up the corners and fold carefully.
  3. Press the fold with your thumb and fingers to make a very tight crease.
  4. Fold your paper in half again with a tight crease.
  5. Follow the lines on page 2.
  6. Fold one last time — and yes, make sure you are lining up the corners and pressing the fold flat to make a tight crease.
  7. Follow the lines on page 2.
  8. Open your paper up to how it looked when you had just one fold. There will be creases from the other folds you just made.
  9. Tear or cut across the fold that goes through the middle very carefully just until you reach the next fold mark in the paper (this area has been highlighted in black on page 2 to guide you).
  10. By holding the edges of your paper, press in from the outside to make the cut space open up like a diamond.
  11. Press all the way in to the center to form the shape of a cross and press the folded edges tight again so the folded paper top and bottom of the diamond lay flat together and form pages.
  12. Finish your zine by folding all the pages together to form a small book.
  13. Decorate the cover and pages of your zine with writing, poetry, art, found images, or whatever you like!
  14. You can open up your zine until it looks like a piece of paper again and make copies to share your work with others.

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