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Steve Hawley, Woman Reflected in a Still Life, oil, wax, alkyd on board, 1982-83, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Davenport, Jr., in recognition of the Collectors’ Group.


Still Lifes from The Hunter Museum Collection

On View February 7, 2010 - April 25, 2010

The Hunter Museum of American Art’s collection is rich in still lifes (depictions of inanimate objects). For example, Steve Hawley’s Woman Reflected in a Still Life is a complex work which can be interpreted in several ways. In a rather literal sense, a woman is indeed reflected in the mirror in the upper left hand corner of this painting. In a more symbolic sense, the traditional role of a woman as homemaker is also reflected in this painting via the foodstuffs and apron spread on the table in the foreground. Some of the works in this exhibition have not been on view for many years. All show the depth of our collection in the variety of the media, style and subject matter.


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